This page is nothing more than a place for me to put up SAO-related links and stuff about my fanfics--at the moment, primarily related to my AU series Fairy Dance of Death. Don't expect anything fancy.

My SAO fanfics

Fairy Dance of Death

AU reboot of the SAO universe, with the death game taking place in Alfheim rather than Aincrad. Probably what you came here for.

The Unraveling

Part 1 of the adventures of my OCs Kadyn and Camilla, following their first month in the game. Start with this fic if you want to read about them; it directly lays much of the groundwork for what happens in The Red Valkyrie.

The Red Valkyrie

: Part 2 of Kadyn and Camilla's adventures, several months later on the 11th floor.

Troubles Shared

Kadyn and Camilla side story. This was actually my first SAO fic--in fact my first fic in about ten years at the time--and it is in serious need of a rewrite for quality and to account for changes to their origin story.

Diavel's Advocacy

: We don't actually know much about Diavel in canon—not even his real name or age. He was there and gone in a single side story, in one episode of the anime. This fic is my headcanon for who and what he was—and my attempt to tell an interesting new story in the Sword Art Online universe.

Behind a Curtain of Clouds

: One-shots from the perspective of Kayaba Akihiko during the launch day of SAO.

Man in the Middle

: A techno-thriller AU that focuses on the efforts of Kikuoka's team to rescue the players from SAO--from the viewpoint of someone you might not expect. This grew out of a series of conversations I had with other fans about the technological issues I had with SAO's plot, and took on a life of its own.

Supplemental Info

Fairy Dance of Death

This fic has its own subpage now; click the above link.

The Red Valkyrie

I created a (non-canonical) map of the 11th floor of Aincrad for my fanfic The Red Valkyrie. Click the small version below for the 1280x1024 version.